Oni, Dark Horse Comics

This Oni comic is based upon the character Konoko, created by the software group "Bungie Studios". A killer game created for PS2 and for PC, the character is a powerful young woman with a sketch past, doing what she's been told, and trying to find out more about her history.

Konoko works for a department called the TCTF (Technical Crimes Task Force), a group who fights the evil Syndicate. Konoko is their most powerful weapon, able to sneak into secure installations on her own, and take out the greater part of the resitance before allowing the rest of the 'guys' in to clean up the mess.

This adaption of the game is really quite nice. The character art is well drawn even though it is very Amerincanised.

You can read the preview release of this online (also known as Issue 0, only avaialble in some game releases) at Dark Horse comics, Here.