Gun Smith Cats

Gun Smith Cats is the delightfully enjoyable story of a Bounty Hunter. Well, yes.. Lets just show you some stuff eh?

The stories revolve around a young laddy, Rally Vincient, and her friends, Minnie-May Hopkins, and Becky - her information junkie. They are a group of fun-loving, gun and explosive toting young women who have very simple motives. Get the bad guy, and hopefully get paid!

Sonoda's attention to detail makes these pages a wonder to read. His fascination with fast cars, and big guns shows in these comics. Throughout the margins of the pages are small details concerning the weapons used in the cells, or the cars driven around. It truely is a learning experience. The details of the drawings of both guns and cars are magnificent! He has tried not deviated from fact anywhere in these works.

A brief rundown...

Rally Vincient is a young lady, around 19 years old. She inherited her fathers gun shop (renamed to "Gun Smith Cat"), and his passion for all-things guns. Her private collection of guns she keeps in a bunker beneath her house. This only violates a few laws here and there. In her job as a Gun Smith, she has made friends across the board, in particular with a number of Police men. Roy is one of her advocates, and helps her out every now and then when she gets into a bind with the law. She's a girl who knows her guns, knows what she likes, and goes after it with 'oomph'.

Minnie-May Hopkins on the other hand is more of an explosives girl. She's a few years younger than Rally, but she sure knows her stuff. When she was younger, growing up she hooked up with a guy called Ken Taki. He was an explosives guy for the Mob. He taught her many things, and she taught her self even more. Even though he's almost twice her age, she's more than head-over-heels in love with him.

Together, they make quite a team. Early on in the series, Minnie-May makes a deal with Rally. The deal is they become partners if... Well, the title of the serires IS "Gun Smith Cats".. :þ

Through the series, we are introduced to many new characters from various walks of life. We've got Roy the Police Detective who helps out. There's also a 'courier' who goes by the name of 'Bean Bandit' (one serious car freak!).

For every good (well, good-ish) guy, there's also a bad (well, kinda) guy. To offset Bean, there's a young lady who goes by the name of Rif-Raf, a competitor (of sorts). Whilst Bean goes for the more sporty vehicals, RifRaf's as much at home in a Hummer as she is a GT500 Cobra. Goldie, a drug-trafficing, mob-running bad girl also has a 'thing' for Rally. She want's to see her beg before she kills her. These two battle against each other in many ways throughout the serires.

This series is well worth the read. There are also some Anime videos about these girls. They take the form of 3 half-hour episodes. You get to meet the major charactors, as well as some new ones. There's also a small off-shoot video just for Bean Bandit. Anyway, cover art..

Bad Trip

Bean Bandit



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