Banana Fish Volumes, Cover art

In 1973, in Vietnam, an American soldier goes mad and guns down his buddies. Since then, the only words he has uttered are "Banana Fish". Twelve years later, in New York City, police investigate a series of puzzling suicides, and a dying man gives a handsome charismatic young gang lader named Ash a sample of a mysterious substance...

This is a story revolving around this young, charismatic young gang leader, "Ash Lynx". This is his journey to find out what caused that soldier, his brother, to go mad and remain a vegitable for the rest of his life.

Along the way we find out what kind of character this wild Cat (Lynx) is, and just how strong he is. We also find out about his terrible past, and why his gang members are so loyal, and will fight to the death by his side.

Just what is Banana Fish? Why is the Mafia boss "Dino Golzine" after that thing the dying man handed Ash?

Banana Fish appears monthly in Viz' Pulp magazine. Volumes such as these are released semi-regularly. I am currently hanging out for Volume 6 to be released, but I've not yet seen any release schedule.