AquaKnight, Written by Yukito Kishiro

By the writer/artist who brought us Battle Angel Alita (and Ashen Victor) comes the story of the Aqua Knights. This is based in a world, mostly covered by water where heroic Knights ride on the back of Orca's (Killer Whales) in suits of barnical-encrusted Armor, protecting the weak and opressed in a valient effort to proove themselves.

These stories center around the young knight Ruliya of Perla, not yet a True Knight, wanting to proove herself (yes, HER). She finds herself upon a small Island, called Lighthouse Island. A strange man, Arrabarus lives there with his son. He beleives the light in the lighthouse is the lifeforce of his dead wife. An orb of brilliance. His mission in life is to protect the orb, and tend to the lighthouse.

The orb gets stolen, as does the young son. Ruliya is given a quest by the dying Arrabarus to return the orb, and protect his son from the evil of the world. Can she do it? Can she full-fill the dying man's wishes?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3