Akira - Katsuhiro Otomo

Well! What can be said! Dark Horse comics have finally re-released this series, after many years. They are being released in large-sized volumes of roughly 400 pages. Instead of DHC's regular small novel sized books, these are being released in a large soft cover version. This is a beautiful read, and well worth the effort of trying to get one. They are selling out in all major distributors, and it is understandable why.

In case you didn't already know, Akira is the story about a boy, suprisingly not centered around Akira (as the title would suggest). Kaneda is a Biker Kid who has a chip on his shoulder, and shuns athority at every turn. He is also an extremely loyal friend, and his followers, members of his biker gang, will do anything he asks of them. One of his 'best bikers', Tetsuo, a friend from early childhood gets into an accident one night involving a mysterious boy. A boy who's face is that of an old man. A boy who dissapears shortly after the accident, even though Kaneda's eyes never leave him.

Kaneda's quest to find his friend Tetsuo again, and the people he comes across who are trying to foil some deep, dark government plot, turns many corners, and asks many questions of the reader's beleifs. Just what IS Akira...

You'll just have to read the series for yourself and find out..