3 x 3 Eyes, Cover art

What would you do if you found yourself being the guardian of the last of an ancient race of 3 eyed people? What would you do if you found that this person took your soul for safe keeping? What would you do if you starting falling in love with that person?

3 x 3 eyes is the story of a young boy, Yakimo Fuji, and how his father's dying wish was to help this young girl, Pai, to find a statue so she can become human turns his world upside down. Yakimo is just your average Japanese school boy. He's got his friends, his scooter, and a funny part-time job at a local club. When he accidently knocks over this girl wearing these strange clothes with an even stranger walking stick, his world is thrown into diss-array!

Helping her out, as any good boy should, he finds that she was the travelling companion of his fater before he died in Tibet some months earlier. To find that she has been searching for you is something entirely unexpected!

The story twists around these two main characters in the continuing battle against the evil forces trying to get the statue before them so they can rais their dark lord, the evil Kyang Wang. They meet many good friends along the way, and a few who have their own agenda's.