My goal is to expand my systems administration and development skills, and learn larger scale network planning and deployment skills.
To work within a team to achieve short and long term goals.




Can program in a variety of languages, such as Perl, PHP, Unix Shell (Bourne, Korn, Bourne Again), Tcl/Expect and Delphi.

Capable of debugging and writing simple applications in other high-level languages such as C and Visual Basic.

Extensive Web development skills including use and conforming to the standards CSS, HTML, XHTML, and WML.
Can develop and maintain web sites and applications using PHP with MySQL/Interbase/Firebird back ends.
Working understanding of XML.




Extensive LAN/WAN experience based on TCP/IP networks over Cisco and Linux based equipment, including IPSEC, MPPE and other tunnelled VPN solutions over public networks, network diagnosis, design and implementation.




Experienced most with Unix/Linux based TCP/IP services including Apache HTTP, Bind Name Server, DHCP server, Sendmail, SpamAssassin, SSH, MySQL, Interbase/Firebird, Squid, Samba, NFS, X, and LPR/LPD/Cups based printing.
Experience in maintaining and implementing Anti-Virus solutions such as TrendMicro VirusWall and Clam Antivirus into such environments.

Capable of developing and maintaining Databases based on Interbase/Firebird.

Working knowledge of most Windows platforms including '98, NT, 2000, and XP in both user and server environments.
Working knowledge of common applications including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook.
Extensive knowledge of Pro Medicus based applications.




Extensive hardware implementation and maintenance experience in both PC and Server fields up to Mid Enterprise level.
Primarily exposed to, but not limited to, HP ML/DL class equipment.
Limited experience with larger scale enterprise hardware such as Tape Arrays and SAN/NAS.

Vast experience in developing and maintaining Linux based Internet gateway and firewall systems using native tools.

Previous Positions:

Pro Medicus Dec 1998 - Jan 2005

Systems Administrator, Support Engineer


Started with basic phone support and remote systems administration.
Got promoted to Systems Administrator position in 2000, and maintained and developed internal services.

Migrated away from Windows NT based Notes server to Linux based servers, including user base and file sharing for entire organization.

Developed in-house tools for staff scheduling, support integration, server monitoring, server creation and building, and many other tools for support staff.

Helped maintain and further developed existing intranet, adding detailed documentation on both available tools and common errors for faster support response times.

Developed and implemented back end server tools including system backup routines, DRP services, core application management back-ends and external maintenance tools.

Implemented remote server monitoring for nation-wide server base for ease of management and pro-active issue response, including backups, disk IO, and critical services.
Monitored and maintained all such services from then on.


Virtual Access Pty. Ltd. Jul 1996 - Aug 1998

Aug 1998 - Current

Systems Administrator, Support Engineer


Started with writing documentation for Windows based Internet configuration for their dial-up Internet Services.
Worked full time as an Internet Cafe attendant doing system maintenance and user support.

Cafe closed in mid 1997, but continued doing Dial-Up user support as well as system administration and development.

Stopped working full time in 1998, but continue to do maintenance and administrative work for all server systems.
Most recently, helped in implementing and deploying Linux based VoIP server and telephony devices.


Contact Alan Williamson, (03) 9848 4844


Rod Irving Electronics 1992 - May 1996

Systems Engineer, Sales Assistant


Work Experience, and part time work until February 1995. Left for a Software Support position at a different company, which then fell through.

Was responsible for PC construction, software loading, hardware and software diagnosis and repair.


Ended trading late 1996, no contact available.




Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) 807302834006142 - 23 Aug 2002